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Wild Roots is committed to helping you achieve your desired look. 


There are many ways to dress a space with greenery, either temporarily or permanently, these depend on a few factors:

- How hot/cold space is

- How much of an impact you would like

- The size of the space

- How you plan to maintain the plants in the future 

- The purpose of introducing greenery to your space

Sometimes we just know instinctively when a space needs greenery. No matter what size, there's always space for our green buddies!

Sometimes, our clients know exactly what look they want to achieve. However, some don't, and that's totally fine because that is our favorite part of the job! Sit back and allow us to recommend & design several options to meet your space & budget. 

For Permanent installations, we will need to do a site visit, assess the environment, and discuss any initial ideas you may have. You will then receive a full quote along with our recommended ideas, this will,

 also include plant purchase price, & installation costs. 


Should you want us to look after your plants on a contract basis, we will also provide you a quote for this too.  Otherwise, we will leave you with a simple instruction booklet on how to keep your new babies happy and content. 

Please note, we only use organic plant food and where possible all pots are made from eco-friendly materials, we avoid any un-recyclable plastic.  We recycle any plant pots that arrive at our site and repot your plants in suitable soil for their environment.

You can count on us to be professional, timely, and efficient, making sure you are satisfied every step of the way. 


£30 consultation fee (1 to 1 site visit)

£100 minimum spend.

Aloe Vera Plant
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Watering Aloe Vera Plant
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Plant filled contemporary office space
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