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Gift Ideas for the Plant Lover in Your Life

Updated: Dec 1, 2022

Keeping houseplants is a popular hobby these days, and most of us have a family member or friend who loves plants. However if you're not a plant person yourself, it can be tricky to know what to gift, so here are some ideas below!

Gift Sets

You can't really go wrong with gifting products that will help keep plants happy and healthy. You're pretty much guaranteed the present will get some use, and the added bonus of pretty packaging makes it thoughtful and personal. We have several in store and online to suit any plant person.

Planty Artwork

Some of us (not us, we swear) have covered every inch of flat space we have with plants. But there's always room on the walls! Whether your giftee is a minimalist or maximalist, there's plant artwork for everyone.


We truly believe there's a plant book for everyone; from the beginners wanting to learn basic care tips and tricks, to the urban interior design gardener, to the plant nerd who absorbs plant knowledge like a sponge. We've got a small selection both online and in store. Here's a few favourites:

Potting Tarp

One of the reasons houseplants have become so popular in the last few years is a lack of green space. With many of us living in flats or houses without gardens, we've chosen to fill our homes with plants. We love this! But it does come with some drawbacks; like creating a massive mess while repotting on your kitchen counter, office desk, or even your carpet! A potting tarp is the perfect solution; a strong and fully waterproof canvas made for just the job, with raised edges to keep water, soil or stray leaves contained. Once you're done gardening, you can simply pick it up, empty waste into your bin, and roll it back up for next time!

Gift Card

We're a little biased here, but you can't go wrong with a gift card for their favourite plant shop. Top tip: we do gift cards both online and in store, see our Gift Card section for more details!

Shop online or visit us in store for more perfect planty presents...

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