Basket Ray Natural

Basket Ray Natural

Ray is a true world improver. With its round shape and beautifully detailed weaving, it radiates a good dose of positive energy. We can use that in this world. Ray loves all plants and interiors. Especially large-leaved jungle plants are pleased in this optimistic basket, such as Calatheas and Monsteras. He has a sturdy sturdy structure with pleasant round shapes. It features a striking relief that accentuates the handles on the sides. Apart from the fact that this is a tasteful aesthetic accent, the basket also becomes stronger and easier to move. Ray is stackable, and woven from seagrass by experienced craftsmen. A piece of sustainable craftsmanship.


Available in the following sizes: 


Pot Ray natural D17 H17 

Pot Ray natural D23 H23 

Pot Ray natural D28 H27 

Pot Ray natural D35 H31 

Pot Ray natural D40 H35 


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