Hedera Mix Green (Variegated Ivy)

Hedera Mix Green (Variegated Ivy)

Hang these patterned leaf green ivy plants from the ceiling or on the top of a book shelf. From there the plant purifies the air! This plant requires high humidity levels. That's why the Hedera helix needs its leaves sprayed when the edges are looking dry.


The ivy doesn't require much light, so don't put it in full sun. For the Hedera, the general rule is: the more uniform its leaf colour is, the less sunlight it needs. 


Water less in the winter keeping the plant slightly drier and cooler. Wait until spring to resume watering and feeding.


  • If a shoot gets too long and bare, just cut it back and the plant will rejuvenate.
  • Give the ivy something to climb up if you want it to climb or a structure to hang onto if you would like it grow horizontal. 
  • Variegated ivy needs more light than the plain green variety.