Issa Wall Hangers

Issa Wall Hangers

his flower pot series from the TS Collection brand is trendy and stylish. Issa is a funky combination of weathered and elegant. The bottom part is battered and even looks a bit like coral reef. The rest of the pot has a graceful glaze. Mix and match the different colors and items. Choose plants and flowers that represent your style.


Present your cheerful Bohemian style with red and pink flowers, and strong plants like Aloe Vera and Ficus Elastica, in yellow flower pots. Show your love of the earth with a blue flower pot and a Calathea Orbifoglia. Embrace your collector's mania and show off a collection of white pots and items with all different types of Monstera. This series fits any style, your style.


Choice of 2 colours and sizes, perfect together as a duo! 


Small: D14cm H13CM

Large: D18cm, H16cm

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