Stephanotis Hoop Ceramic

Stephanotis Hoop Ceramic

The Stephanotis floribunda is a great houseplant for interior design. Originating from Madagascar this climber can reach heights of over 20 feet in the wild! Thankfully they won't reach these heights potted up as houseplants but you'll see their climbing ability utilised to create the distinctive circular shape, giving this plant the nickname of bow plant. These plants are often used in bridal bouquets for their beautiful scent and pure white flowers.


Stephanotis is happiest in bright indirect light; you should avoid too much direct light.


Throughout the summer you should aim to keep the soil moist but never allow it to sit in stagnant water. Allow the water to run right through the soil and out of the drainage holes of the nursery pot, leaving the water 10 minutes or so to sink through before returning to the display pot. This can be done once a week in summer but should be reduced in winter.


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