Lara Oztekin Garden Shed Scenery

Lara Oztekin Garden Shed Scenery

Here at Wild Roots we support and stock independent artists work! Lara's work is amazing and of course is full of greenery vibes!


"This A3/A4/A5 Garden Shed Scenic Gouache Painting Print is probably my favourite painting so far! I painted this in gouache and reprinted it on 100% recycled and uncoated white 300-350gsm paper with a slight sheen." 

This series of plant paintings stemmed from the bizarre situation we are all finding ourselves in which is quarantine! I usually create print and patterns for fashion, but as I now have all of this spare time, I decided to pick up the paintbrush again but this time for myself. I wanted to create new and fresh prints that reflect the things I am currently interested in which happen to be plants! I love the fresh feel they give your home and how they are the decorations themselves. I want to create more prints in this time but for now, I hope you enjoy the small selection I have for sale!

As for my printing and packaging, all of my packaging and artwork paper is 100% recycled and 100% recyclable! This includes the clear plastic wrap around my prints as they are made out of polypropylene which is recyclable. I am very proud to have made my products this way as I think it is important to not add towards the issue of waste. So you can shop in confidence that you are purchasing from a shop that is trying to be more sustainable!