Live Pictures

Live Pictures

Wild Roots offer a range of living walls, including bespoke builds. We will work with you to ensure the choice of plants are going to be content in their new environment.

Even if you aren't green fingered, our living walls are the perfect choice! With built in self watering systems, wait for the watering can icon to drop down, then top up the reservoir! It really is as simple as that! You can expect to water your living wall, environment dependant, every 3 - 4 weeks.

Please note prices below exclude plants. We do not currently ship plants for our living walls, delivery is available upon request. Please enquire for any plant help. 

Live Picture 1:

72cm wide x 72cm tall x 7cm deep £380.00


Live Picture 2:

112cm wide x 72cm tall x 7cm deep £475.00


Live Picture 3:

152cm wide x 72cm tall x 7cm deep £670.00


Live Picture 4:

192cm wide x 72cm tall x 7cm deep £820.00


  • Shipping


    All living walls are shipped directly from our supplier to your chosen delivery address. Shipping can take upto 2 weeks.

  • Plants

    Please note that we do not currently supply or ship plants with your chosen Living Wall, Live Picture go, Wall Divider UK wide. The price is for the infrastructure only. 

     If you are local (South West of England) additional local delivery and an order for your plants can be arranged - Please enquire if you would like help with choosing your plants! 

PriceFrom £380.00