Live Picture Go

Live Picture Go

With LivePicture GO you can add a splash of vertical greenery in a playful way to your living, learning or working environment. You don’t even have to have “green fingers” for the care of the plants; the water detector indicates when the reservoir needs refilling. The water supply within the tank is sufficient to provide the plants with water for ± 4 weeks. The capillary action within the plant cassette provides the plants with just the right amount of water they need.


LivePicture GO is available in three colours: White, Bamboo Natural and Bamboo Black.


Simply green

You plant up the slots of the removable plant cassette with varieties of your choice, to suit your preference, taste and theme.  With LivePicture GO  your creativity can be limitless – perfect for indoors and outdoors, in a single frame or a group. Create your own fun wall collage with multiple GOs. The mounted plant masterpiece is easily attached and comes supplied with two screws and its installation template.


  • Plants

    Please note that we do not currently supply or ship plants with your chosen Living Wall, Live Picture go, Wall Divider UK wide. The price is for the infrastructure only. 

     If you are local (South West of England) additional local delivery and an order for your plants can be arranged - Please enquire if you would like help with choosing your plants! 

  • Features


    • Light in weight
    • Unique patented system
    • Water reservoir (around four weeks) with empty and full notification
    • For indoor and outdoor use
    • 100% recyclable
  • Benefits


    • A healthy environment
    • Makes plant maintenance simple
    • An increase in productivity and creativity
    • Space-saving solution
    • A playful addition to the living and working environment
PriceFrom £110.00