Live Picture Go

Live Picture Go

Live Picture Go offers a playful way of adding vertical greenery to your living, learning, or working environment. Even if you do not have green fingers, the plants stay healthy and beautiful with little effort required. 


The LivePicture GO empty indicator shows when the water tank needs to be filled (every 2-3 weeks). The capillary technology of the plant cassette is filled with plants based on your own preferences and taste. Live Picture Go is highly versatile and can be used indoor or outdoors, in a single or modular set-up. 



- Fast and easy installation

- Screws, wall template, and wall plugs included

- No electricity or pump is required

- Includes full and empty indicators

- Lightweight




- Easy to maintain

- Improves air quality through oxygen production and fine dust absorption

-Increases productivity and creativity


Dimensions: (L X H X D)

Colours available: White, Anthracite or Black 



2.7Kg excluding water and plants

5kg including 

52cm x 52xm x 11cm