Living Wall Divider

Living Wall Divider

LiveDivider PLUS, the new version of LiveDivider, is a modular green room divider.


This unique system allows modules with interchangeable cassettes that serve as planters to be stacked on top of each other as you wish. This creates more freedom for the flexible division of spaces while surrounding people with greenery. Remote working and flexible workstations have become the new standard in the design and refurbishment of offices. After all, offices today are serving more and more as places where employees come to meet with one another in an inspirational environment where they feel at ease. Plants make a valuable contribution to such an environment.


Privacy and distance with the green room divider

The LiveDivider PLUS makes it easy to arrange and divide large spaces exactly as you want them. This is precisely what makes this room divider so well suited for use in offices, waiting rooms, hotels, public buildings and more. This plant room divider is also an ideal solution for defining pedestrian routes for social distancing. Plants enhance the space for the well-being of employees and visitors. LiveDivider PLUS creates more privacy and distance while retaining the open aspect of a given space. The system consists of individual modules made of steel with interchangeable cassettes that serve as planters.


Colours: The LiveDivider PLUS is available in white and as a black plant room divider and can be supplied in any RAL colour on request.


PLEASE NOTE: If you are interested, please ring or drop us an email! We are not sold out, however shipping prices vary for this product.



  • Tech Spec

    The dimensions of the LiveDivider PLUS are (w x h x d):

    LiveDivider PLUS 1: 112 x 81 x 19 cm

    LiveDivider PLUS 2: 112 x 131 x 19 cm

    LiveDivider PLUS 3: 112 x 180.5 x 19 cm

  • Weight

    WEIGHT:  (without water and plants):

    LiveDivider PLUS 1: 57.4 kg

    LiveDivider PLUS 2: 76.0 kg

    LiveDivider PLUS 3: 94.6 kg

  • Materials

    Cassettes The front of the cassettes is made of air permeable expanded polypropylene (EPP). The back side is made of polypropylene (PP). The cassettes are fitted with capillary microfibre textile woven from 80% polyester and 20% polyamide. All materials can be reused and are fully recyclable.

  • Plants

    Please note that we do not currently supply or ship plants with your chosen Living Wall, Live Picture go, Wall Divider UK wide. The price is for the infrastructure only. 

     If you are local (South West of England) additional local delivery and an order for your plants can be arranged - Please enquire if you would like help with choosing your plants! 

PriceFrom £1,400.00