Potting Tarp

Potting Tarp

Want to spend some quality time with your plants but not looking forward to the clean-up? We made you a fancy potting tarp, the perfect urban gardening essential to contain all your  houseplant maintenance activities. 


The tarp (56×46 cm) is made of marine-grade, recycled polyester canvas, a strong and fully waterproof material. Easily unroll it on your countertop, table or even your floor without the worry of making a mess. The edges are slightly raised to keep water, soil, and stray leaves contained.


When you’re done gardening, simply pick up the mat and empty the waste into the bin, then roll it up for compact storage. We’ve attached a little strap to tie it up into a nice little package too. You can even keep your tools tucked away inside, so you can unroll your urban gardening kit in one go for next time.

Good to know: we have two variations of the potting tarp available, choose between a leather strap or a vegan ribbon option.