Strelitzia Nicolai - Bird of Paradise (Without Flower)

Strelitzia Nicolai - Bird of Paradise (Without Flower)

This plant is a native to South Africa, a real talking point it has large exotic looking paddle-shaped leaves on long elegant stems. The leaves are a gorgeous glossy dark green colour, as they mature they do naturally begin to split. This is a relatively low maintenance houseplant that offers a big impact.


Will thrive in bright light and can cope with a few hours of early morning or later afternoon sun, however do not place right next to a window to avoid extremes of temperature.


During warmer weather ensure soil is kept moist but not soggy. In the cooler months allow the soil to dry out slightly between waterings. Do not overwater as the roots can rot. Enjoys humidity so mist regularly.


120cm Tall

Pot size: 24cm- Will need to upsize to help encourage growth.