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  Our shop is located in Poole, Dorset.

 18 Kingland Crescent, BH15 1TB

Here you can discover our extensive range of ceramic and eco-friendly plant pots along with a large range of common and unusual house plants. We also stock incredible home interiors to help you make your space a home. 


Greenery, Gardens, Plants, however you wish to describe all things green and leafy, have played a huge part in Hope's  life. Born into a family of gardeners she spent many happy hours playing, potting, and gardening in inspiring gardens.


Hope graduated  from University with a degree in Event Management in 2016 and pursued a career as an Event Manager. Hope always found herself dealing with any greenery for events, from fresh flowers for breakfast meetings; to designing, sourcing & commissioning green parks, with 20ft living trees at Showcases for 8,000 people! The satisfaction that Hope gets from transforming spaces with greenery might be influenced by her genetics but it's something she is always excited to share with you all! 

Seeing that new leaf or bloom on a plant that you've been nurturing is probably one of the best ways to start a Monday morning! Not to mention the endless positive health benefits that plants supply us with. 

If you are here simply for plant chat, or maybe something a bit more complex, we are here to listen. Please get in touch if you would like a helping hand in creating a balanced, green environment, packed full of health benefits! 

See you soon!

Team WR X

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