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Plant Benefits

The world gave us plants on purpose, to care for us

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Fern Plant


We all know how a walk through the park, or forest can elevate stress and lift our spirits. Countless studies have proven that being outdoors, surrounded by nature has a profound effect on our happiness and mental well being. 

So what's stopping you bringing the outside in? 

Improved Air Quality

Did you know that often the air inside your home can be worse than the air in the middle of a city! This is because pollutants enter, but they cannot escape as easily.  Whilst you can open the window to circulate air, you can also use plants to improve air quality.


Plants naturally filter toxins from the rooms they are grown in. If your office or home has poor ventilation, an addition of plants really could make the difference for you. It's been shown that cleaner air leads to better cardiovascular health and clearer thinking.

Peace Lilies, Devils Ivy, and Spider plants are brilliant air purifiers!

Increased Productivity

Let's Focus. Many studies have proven that offices without any decor are considered the most toxic environments. Plants are an example of natural decor; that can create a comforting and calm environment, allowing employees to be more productive. Ideally, plants should be positioned carefully, so that the majority of people can benefit from them within view from their desks.

Zebra Plant, Red-Edge Dracaena, Palms, and Bamboo are brilliant for sprucing up communal spaces.

Boosting Creativity and Mood

Creative blocks aren't fun. They often happen when you could really do without it. Office plants can encourage inspiration due to our senses being stimulated by connecting with nature.

It's proven that having a plant presence directly affects our mood and stress levels. Environmental psychologists confirm that close-by living greenery is beneficial because it relieves 'attention fatigue' and 're-sets' a feeling of calm.

Environment Appeal

Plants look great! It's common knowledge that the working environment affects how our employees feel but it also affects the office appeal. Have you ever felt like you just can't work? Offices with visual appeal and plants have been proven to be more relaxing and productive.  Plants decrease stress and anxiety whilst adding colour (along with all the other benefits mentioned here!)  If your working environment needs a fresh green upgrade, get in touch to see how greenery, on any scale, can make a difference! 

Immue System Boost

It's not just your mental health that will benefit. Plants have proven to make us feel calmer, allowing us to get a better night's sleep & to boost our immune system due to the airborne chemicals they produce. These factors work together and help battle office sickness; from headaches to flu symptoms to nausea. This is why you will often see large plants located throughout hospitals.

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