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Live Divider Plus

The LiveDivider PLUS is a modular green room divider that makes it easy to provide a pleasant atmosphere and privacy in of ces, public buildings and waiting rooms. This unique system allows you to stack to suit one, two or three modules with interchangeable cassettes that serve as planters, including a tank. This makes the LiveDivider PLUS a highly exible, space-saving room divider with extensive possibilities in application. The plants on either side of the room divider absorb ambient noise and improve the indoor climate. LiveDivider PLUS creates privacy and distance while retaining a room’s open aspect.

Prices below exclude plants

Wall Divider Plus 1

Live Divider Plus 1:  112cm wide x 81cm tall x 19 deep £ 1150

White or Black


Wall Divider Plus 2

Live Divider Plus 2: 112cm wide x 131cm tall x 19cm deep £1595

White or Black


Wall Divider Plus 3

Live Divider Plus 3: 112cm wide x 180.5cm tall x 19cm deep £1795

White or Black

- All of our living walls are made from recyclable material and therefore are fully recyclable.
- Fast and easy installation, all fixings are included.
We recommend pot size 9 plants for all sizes. 
- No electricity or pump required
- Light weight
- Water is required every 2 weeks (or when the red watering can shows)

For more information please get in touch! 

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