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Live Panels

Live Panel

The patented LivePanel Indoor system is a unique and innovative vertical green wall. These “living walls” encompass real living plants, adding natural greenery to work and living spaces and helping to create a healthier, happier indoor climate.

The LivePanel Indoor system transforms otherwise bare walls into attractive vibrant backdrops. LivePanel Indoor is a modular green wall system with exchangeable plant cassettes. The cassettes have slots into which plants are placed. Each row of plant cassettes is placed in a gutter pro le that also serves as a water reservoir. The plants absorb water from the reservoir through capillary action. The system can be installed against both new and existing walls.


-Available in any size, made to measure

- Choose manual or automatic irrigation system

-Space saving and slim system

-Modular system

The maximum profile length is 520cm. Lower walls are built by installing a series of profiles next to each other.  Modular plant cassette dimensions are 40cm x40cm. The maximum weight including plants and water is 40 kg/m2.

Frame prices start from: £400

- All of our living walls are made from recyclable material and therefore are fully recyclable.
- Fast and easy installation, all fixings are included. If you require labour to install this can be quoted for.
We recommend pot size 9 plants for all sizes. 
- No electricity or pump required
-Light weight


If you are interested, please get in touch! 

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