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Updated: Jan 18, 2021

I've just turned the shop lights off, and done my first whole week working in my wonderful store.

I now own a shop, how did that happen? It's been a long but fast-paced few months, in fact, it's been a rollercoaster. I sadly lost my job due to Covid after being an event manager for Lush Cosmetics. Greenery is a huge passion of mine so when the opportunity arose to open my own house plant shop, on the same week I had my redundancy confirmed, my emotions were high!

Of course, I had to take this opportunity. The opportunity to own a shop, share my passion for plants, not only for their appearance but for their environmental and mental impacts too, and not have to pay rent or rates was a dream! If I didn't accept the opportunity, I knew I'd forever be thinking what if?

I haven't opened for business as I planned, in fact, I opened for business with click and collect online, In Tier 4, in the middle of a global pandemic... madness I hear you say.

Covid hasn't been the only hurdle, throw in Brexit, throw in the unknown of never being a shop owner! It hasn't been easy but I'm pretty proud of what I've managd to pull out of the bag. Transforming the shop from an empty, pretty shabby shell into a green warm oasis took a lot of paint, sweat and tears.

Being on my local high street in Poole, where I've grown up for the last 26 years means a lot to me. I want to become a "locals" go to... if they want to learn about plants, have a good mooch through our fresh stock and request any plants they would like to see on my shelves then I'm ready! Wild Roots is the go-to place for friendly, grounded goodness, to find a treat for a loved one or just for yourself, because let's face it you're pretty awesome!

As some of the locals know, Kingland Crescent wasn't the prettiest of high streets. It was left cold, empty, and lifeless but now being one of the many new independent shop owners it's coming back to life, it's our new home. So it's time to regenerate, reinvigorate and reinvent the high street and bring life back to our peach of a town. Long Live local!

If you've got this far, congratulations but seriously the journey is only just starting for me, and having so many of you come along for the ride is brilliant.

So you know where to find me... and hundreds of lush plants and interiors, sourced with a conscience!

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