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Bathroom & Kitchen Plants

Some might question the location but plants that require humidity (and there's quite a lot of them!) are ideal for the bathroom and kitchen!

Often those that require humidity have low watering needs due to them absorbing their moisture from the steam of your bath and showers! You might find that bathrooms often lack character or colour, so adding plants can be a brilliant way to fill empty spaces whilst helping to clean the air in your home too!

There's nothing better than creating a green oasis in your bathroom to admire and enjoy whilst soaking in a hot bubbly bath!

Here are our recommendations:

1) Boston Ferns are an all-around humidity lover! They add instant jungle vibes with their stunning bushy leaves.

2) Kentia or Areca Palms: With their big striking strong, narrow shaped leaves they are the perfect large plant for bathrooms! We suggest they go into bathrooms with a decent-sized window to keep them at their happiest.

3) Ficus Lyrata A pure statement with their big waved shaped leaves, they grow tall rather than wide, making them so pleasing on the eye! They need indirect sunlight ( a bright bathroom would be ideal) but will thoroughly enjoy the moisture that your bathroom will be able to give them!

4) Devils Ivy: A pure climbing, or hanging, genius! If you are looking for something to hang off your shelves, or maybe trail across the top of your shower this one is the one for you! They do require bright light but depending on the leaf they can tolerate low light, the more variegated the leaf the more sunlight they require!

5) Dracaena: There are several types of Dracaena to choose from (the lemon-lime variety is a fun, striped option!). They tolerate low light but will do even better in a medium to bright indirect light location. Again, they do require low humidity making them the ideal kitchen plant.

6) Asplenium's: The perfect window sill plants, they thrive in bright indirect sunlight! With the added moisture, you really can't harm these plants! So if you want to brighten up a bathroom, or kitchen, with a little greenery this should be your go-to. They can be a little forgiving when it comes to lower humidity levels, but believe us when we say they will thrive in a warmer, more moist environment.

7) Spider Plants: You can get various types of Spider Plant, we continuously stock them bringing in new varieties! Spider plants prefer bright light but will happily live in low light. They also can handle less humidity but prefer a more moderately humid environment. Keep it on a shelf in your bathroom or hang it from the ceiling. Over time they will produce babies that you can use to grow your own collection or give to friends.

8) Monstera: The Monstera plant with its iconic, glossy leaves is always a favorite! It's a great houseplant because it can thrive in a lot of different environments, including your bathroom. It can handle low light, though it will do better in brighter indirect light, and it can handle any level of humidity.

9) Calathea: There are many different types of Calathea, all of them have stunning, unique leaf art but generally speaking they all love humidity. They are more than happy in most rooms however placing them in a bathroom replaces you have to spray them every few days! They enjoy water little and often and require indirect sunlight, any harsh sunlight can burn their leaves.

10) Elephant Ear: The Alocasia Wentii has multiple upright stems that give way to expansive deep green leaves, which are often likened to Elephant Ears. At this size, the arching Elephant Ear is a truly impressive plant to behold. They require warmth and humidity- making it the ideal bathroom or kitchen feature plant!

If you have any questions, drop us a message! Otherwise happy plant shopping!

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