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Pet Safe Plants - a few of our favourites!

If you've met anyone at Wild Roots, you know we adore plants, but you might not know we're also big animal lovers. We know first hand it can be tricky keeping the peace between your pets and plants! While some four legged friends may show absolutely no interest in them, some like nothing more than acquainting themselves a little too closely with our houseplants.

Why you have to be careful: Rubbing against or sniffing plants in general isn't dangerous for pets (unless it's the spiky kind!), however ingesting certain amounts of a plant (the amount of which can depend on the size of your pet, variety of your plant, or the strength of your pets stomach) can cause severe reactions, so it's important to consider what plants you bring into your home if you've got a curious critter.

Here's just ten of our favourite pet safe plants:

Asplenium Hurricane

Calathea Sanderiana (Pinstripe)

Hoya Carnosa Tricolor

Tillandsia (Air Plants)

Chlorophytum Variegatum (Spider Plant)

Peperomia Hope

Fittonia Verschaffeltii

Asparagus Plumosus

Areca Lutescens (Butteryfly Palm)

Hoya Linearis

Need more help? We're always happy to answer your questions. Drop us a message online or visit us in store!

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